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  • v. administer an anesthetic drug to


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  • Elvis Costello aptly sang that formatted radio seeks to, "...anesthetise the way that you feel.."

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Orderly transition of power - that's just poor spin designed to anesthetise Labour's less savvey voters they must have plenty of those .

    Blair Brown Leadership ZZZzzzz..z...

  • The purpose of fashionable terms like "holistic" and "gestalt" is to anesthetise a sense of ignorance, to create a sense of understanding where there is none 2.3

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • For superficial abscesses, use ethylene chloride: anesthetise the area and incise immediately (the anesthetic freezes the skin by evaporation). abscess

    Chapter 4

  • It is not possible to anesthetise the whole cavity and furthermore, the needle may spread the infection.

    Chapter 4

  • Ring block with lidocaine 1%, or anesthetise the skin with ethylene chloride.

    Chapter 4

  • Dental nerve block: inject into the vestibular sulcus and anesthetise along the nerve root as far as the bone, then inject 3/4 of the cartridge after aspirating for blood with the syringe at 30° to the axis of the tooth.

    Chapter 6

  • To extract a molar, always anesthetise the buccal nerve.

    Chapter 6

  • In cases with persistent sensation of the lingual innervation of the gum, anesthetise the lingual nerve, as for palatine anesthesia.

    Chapter 6

  • The newspaper El Pais said Tomas 'injury was so serious that the bullring doctors who first operated on him did not even take time to anesthetise him.

    RIA Novosti


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