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  • n. Plural form of anther.


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  • In the centre of the anthers is a shining point of warm sea-green, a last, consummate touch which makes the beauty of the blos -

    An Island Garden

  • The former of these are secreted by the anthers from the vegetable blood, and the latter by the styles or pericarp; see the Additional

    Canto II

  • The lower cell of each of the two fertile anthers, which is much reduced and different from the superior even in _Salvia officinalis_, is transmuted in other _salviæ_ into an organ (nectarotheca) having a very different form and function, and finally disappears entirely in _Salvia verticillata_.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • Now for the use of these yellow bags, which are called the anthers of the stamens, the stalk on which they grow being called the filament or thread.

    The Fairy-Land of Science

  • He tells us that "the flower forms the theater of their amours; the calyx is to be considered as the nuptial bed; the corolla constitutes the curtains; the anthers are the testes; the pollen, the fecundating fluid; the stigma of the pistil, the external genital aperture; the style, the vagina, or the conductor of the prolific seed; the ovary of the plant, the womb; the reciprocal action of the stamens on the pistil, the accessory process of fecundation."

    Plain facts for old and young : embracing the natural history and hygiene of organic life.

  • In our woods and forests, spring begins more quietly – the blades of snowdrops pushing through frozen ground in late January, followed by the star-shaped wood anemones, the dog violets, celandines and primroses, before the bluebells arrive in April, a haze of sky-coloured petals, yellow anthers and clear honey scent.

    The power of spring flowers

  • The petals are a jaundiced yellow, netted with purple veins that coalesce in the violet throat where a flaccid bunch of anthers and a longer style rest.

    Country diary: Elton, Cambridgeshire

  • For peach and nectarine "mother" plants, workers remove the petals and pollen-producing anthers of every flower, leaving only the pistil.

    When Apricot Met Plum...

  • Simply a desperate attempt to harm anthers reputation.

    Fey likely to revive Palin impersonation

  •  She removed the yellow anthers to avoid staining the petals.

    Beautiful Are the Feet: Part One


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