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  • n. A macromolecule in a living organism that is formed by linking together several smaller molecules, as a protein from amino acids or DNA from nucleotides.

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  • n. any macromolecule of a living organism that is formed from the polymerization of smaller entities; a polymer that occurs in a living organism or results from life.


bio- + polymer (Wiktionary)


  • A biopolymer is a naturally-derived alternative to synthetic polymers, which are long molecules that join other molecules together.

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  • Italy-based Leoplast Group, which uses natural vegetable-based and renewable sources such as biopolymer produced by NatureWorks LLC, said companies don’t realize the kind of impact they can have by using more eco-friendly packaging.


  • Braskem The Brazilian chemical giant Braskem just started up the world 's largest biopolymer facility.

    Bioplastics Boom

  • Cargill Inc. 's NatureWorks LLC of Minnetonka, Minn., is scouting locations and seeking a partner to build a plant that will double its biopolymer capacity.

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  • The Brazilian chemical giant Braskem SA just started up the world 's largest biopolymer facility.

    Just One Word: Bioplastics

  • NatureWorks biopolymer has been successfully composted in applications where collection is feasible and a commercial composting infrastructure is in place.

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  • The multiple disposal alternatives of NatureWorks biopolymer means it can play a key role in landfill diversion.

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  • In addition to its ability to be mechanically recycled and composted, NatureWorks® biopolymer has shown favorable properties for use where incineration is the preferred waste disposal system and offers potential for chemical recycling.

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  • Trials by leading NIR (Near Infrared) machine sorting system manufacturers show that NatureWorks biopolymer can be separated from the post-consumer RPET (recycled Polyethylene Terapthalate) stream, and can be separated into its own stream when post-consumer amounts warrant.

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  • The ecotainer cups have an inner plastic biopolymer lining derived from corn.

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