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  • For the rest, he expounded some of the standard anti-Stratfordian delusions, e. g., that Venus and Adonis is exceptionally learned and that the Stratford Man made his money as a “grain trader”.

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  • Appended to a Daily Telegraph story about a different Shakespeare-related topic is this news from the world of anti-Stratfordian eccentricity:


  • His Post op-ed follows more ordinary lines, offering the thin, tired, hyper-speculative arguments that have been the anti-Stratfordian stock in trade (leaving the cryptographers aside) for the past hundred years.

    Shakespeare Controversies

  • The anti-Stratfordian caricature is that the “Stratford Man” was a smug bourgeois without the slightest depth to his soul.

    Shakespeare Controversies

  • The event attracted attention, because three Supreme Court Justices (Brennan, Blackmun and Stevens) presided, and Justice Stevens became a convert to the anti-Stratfordian cause (to what should be the embarrassment of progressive lawyers everywhere).

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  • In November, writer David Aaronovitch wrote in The Times of a one-day anti-Stratfordian fest held in London.

    Director Roland Emmerich Exclusive Video Interview 2012. Plus He Talks About His Upcoming Shakespeare Movie –

  • Are anti-Stratfordian arguments held to a different, more rigorous standard of argument?

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • There's also the problem that for any potential author you demonstrate probably didn't write the plays, an anti-Stratfordian can find another early modern person that you'd have to read up on.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • I did so because acknowleding in public these defections from the traditional paradigm is a shorthand way of indicating the weight of the serious intellectual arguments that have been made which you admit you have not consulted in support of the anti-Stratfordian and Oxfordian perspectives.

    Shakespeare Authorship, Part Four: A Few Final Thoughts

  • What would it take to convince you or another anti-Stratfordian?

    NPR on the Shakespeare Authorship Question, Part One: Drama vs Realism


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  • Times: 'Presiding over all is the twinkling, charismatic personality of Mark Rylance, the first artistic director at the Globe and the leading figure in the global anti-Stratfordian movement, dedicated to casting doubt on Shakespeare’s authorship and to discovering the real Bard’s identity.'

    November 23, 2009