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  • adj. Opposed to foreigners or to what is foreign.


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anti- +‎ foreign


  • Only in no particular order traffic, pollution, Islamic radicalism, endemic corruption, inadequate infrastructure, antibusiness populist politicking and antiforeign protectionism.

    Indonesia's Cautionary Tale

  • Even in Chungking, the Chinese troops were becoming increasingly antiforeign and uncooperative.

    A Covert Affair

  • A few days later, when he discovered that about fifty of them had taken part in antiforeign riots started by the Communists the year before, he had them all executed on the spot.

    The Last Empress

  • He sees government meddling behind online flare-ups of antiforeign sentiment.

    'Tiananmen Is Still Here'

  • Yet the Hong Kong government spent billions intervening in the stock market and even encouraged antiforeign rhetoric.

    The Leadership Gap

  • A growing antiforeign groundswell has taken shape since foreigners disrupted the Olympic torch relay in several cities and protested the Chinese government's clampdown on unrest in Tibetan areas.

    Beijing's Travel Restrictions

  • China's government, concerned that the antiforeign backlash could spin out of control or hurt the country's image ahead of the Summer Games, has been moving in recent weeks to cool the nationalist fervor.

    Anti-Western Protests

  • Many foreign executives in China have expressed concern in recent months about China's attitude toward foreign business, after an antiforeign backlash over criticism of China's Tibet policies and a severe tightening of visa approvals by Beijing in the run-up to the Olympics this summer.

    China's Wen Promotes Overhauls

  • In the past two decades, Toyota and other Japanese auto makers have worn down much of the antiforeign sentiment they once faced in the U.S., in part by expanding their American operations.

    Toyota Wins Few Fans at the Track

  • Now the slowing domestic economy is producing a rise in antiforeign sentiment, and increasing discontent over underemployment.

    Korea Breaks The Mold


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