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  • n. A very large sauropod dinosaur of the genus Apatosaurus (or Brontosaurus ) of the late Jurassic Period. Apatosaurs had a long neck and tail and a relatively small head.

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  • n. a genus of extinct dinosaurs comprising the brontosaurs; apatosaurs.

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  • n. A genus of dinosaurian reptiles of the family Camarasauridæ, described by Marsh from the Upper Jurassic rocks of Colorado.

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  • n. huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic


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  • Here over thirteen hundred footprints of the plant-eating apatosaurus a.k.a. brontosaurus and the carnivorous three-toed allosaurus, ripple marks, a few clams, a palm frond and some horsetails, fish bones, ooids have all solidified into solid rock.

    Bird Cloud

  • Between them they named 130 species, doubling the number known to science, though many were so hastily identified, and based on so few bones, that they turned out to be duplicates (such as the massive herbivore apatosaurus, a.k.a brontosaurus) or mix-ups (such as the three-horned triceratops, which Marsh swore was "one of the largest of American bovines"). News

  • The sauropods include many of the best known prehistoric animals, such as diplodocus and apatosaurus – the dinosaur formerly known as brontosaurus.

    Dinosaurs with long necks were like 1950s vacuum cleaners, say scientists

  • The name brontosaurus is not correct as the animal formerly called that turned out to be actually an apatosaurus with the head of a camarasaurus.

    More Dinosaur Concept Art Spotted at Pixar | /Film

  • I think the brontosaurus was renamed apatosaurus (I think I saw that in a movie).

    Not one, but TWO creation museums! « Dating Jesus

  • The unexpected apatosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex molds had been brought in specially for this year's Dinosaurs Alive! animatronic dino exhibit.

    Mike Doyle: Mold-A-Rama Madness!

  • Only you and John would hav an apatosaurus model on top of your kitchen cabinets!

    1/12th Scale Apatosaurus Model

  • Eventually they figured it out and lumped the brontosaurus back in with apatosaurus where it was supposed to have been all along.

    States have Rights, but I don’t think this is one of them

  • Moving well beyond the familiar, hulking images from children's books and movies like "Jurassic Park," they have found that dinosaurs were remarkably diverse: many were feathered and birdlike; the long-necked apatosaurus (or brontosaurus) actually held its head low to the ground, not in the treetops as artists have imagined.


  • An apatosaurus I think in the service area behind the museum.

    Scalzi's Creation Museum report


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