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  • n. A large ternary protein structure formed in the process of apoptosis


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  • This protein, which is normally part of the life-giving electron transport chain needed to fuel of the ATP synthase will now moonlight as the a death signal, where it will bind to a protein called Apf1 triggering the formation of the the death wheel, which will then sequentially bind caspase 9s to form the apoptosome, which will activate an army of caspase 3s, reinforcing the signal from the death receptor.

    2008 March - Telic Thoughts

  • The apoptosome cleaves the pro-caspase to its active form of caspase-9, which in turn activates the effector caspase-3. - Articles related to DTI favors zero tariffs on cement, wheat

  • Once cytochrome c is released it binds with Apaf-1 and ATP, which then bind to pro-caspase-9 to create a protein complex known as an apoptosome. - Articles related to DTI favors zero tariffs on cement, wheat

  • Adrain C, Martin SJ (2003) Portrait of a killer: the mitochondrial apoptosome emerges from the shadows.

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  • Recent reports have proposed the apoptosome as an interesting target for the development of apoptosis inhibitors

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  • Indeed, our results showed that chemical inhibition of apoptosome activity with a nanoconjugate Apaf-1 inhibitor is effective in protecting mesothelial cells from cytokine-induced apoptosis and, in contrast to caspase inhibition, it allows wound healing and long-term recovery.

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  • Mashima T, Oh-hara T, Sato S, Mochizuki M, Sugimoto Y, et al. (2005) p53-defective tumors with a functional apoptosome-mediated pathway: a new therapeutic target.

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  • (apoptotic protease activating factor 1) - containing macromolecular complex called the apoptosome.

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