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  • n. A breed of horse having a spotted rump.
  • n. A catfish.


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From the phrase "a Palouse horse", referring to the Palouse River near which they were first encountered by non-Native Americans. The river is named for the Palouse region; whether the region's name is (an anglicisation of) a francisation of the Sahaptin name of the Palus people or the people's name derives from a French designation of the region as pelouse is unclear.

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Shortening of "Appaloosa cat" (itself a shortening of "Apaloosa catfish"), after the Appaloosa (Opelousa) tribe which resided in Louisiana. The tribe's name is Choctaw, the second element of it being losa ("black"); the first element is variously supposed to be a term for "head" or "skull", "leggings", "moccasins", or "body".


  • An appaloosa is described as having white scleras when an easily seen white area completely encircles the iris of the eye.

    When George Meets John

  • Yes | No | Report from shermanator wrote 7 weeks 1 day ago what so that is what and appaloosa deer looks like sweet

    Field & Stream

  • The bell tingled again as Gladys Fein rushed in and bumped into Xavier Hodge with his black and white hair like an appaloosa.

    The Golden Vault of Jean Maria Schwartz in Heaven

  • When she looks at the mustang, framed against the wide prairie sky, Ms. Jimenez thinks of her husband petting his beloved appaloosa, Blackjack.

    A Horse of a Different Color Divides Denver

  • Then the little appaloosa mare next door, heavy with foal and feeling ornery, ears flattening against her head every time the chestnut approached on the other side of the bars.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • At my parents' house yesterday, I looked the window to their backyard, to my father's snow-covered garden and little red barn that served long ago as a stable for an appaloosa horse.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Anderson Cancer Center animals, grass-fed anthocyanin antioxidants apoptosis appaloosa beans appetite control apples apricots arachadonic acid arginine arterial nitric oxide synthetase NOS

    The Fiber35 Diet

  • Even the mounts of what Michael Rourke assumed to be regular army as opposed to mercenary, were less spectacular, all a dun brown or bay, not the gleaming blacks and speckled appaloosa-like mounts of the Mongols.

    The Arsenal

  • He was an appaloosa centaur, with white spots on his brown Bank, a natural blanket that made him quite handsome.

    Centaur Aisle

  • Michael was riding her husband's horse Sam by himself now, and Millie and her own daughter Annie were riding Carla Jenkins 'mount and Ron Jenkins' appaloosa was carrying most of the cargo.

    The Nightmare Begins


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  • From the "Palouse" region of NW Idaho and E. Washington. Referred to by old timers as "a Palousie".

    August 4, 2009