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  • n. A principal fiend.
  • n. The Devil; Satan. Used with the.

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  • n. Satan
  • n. a diabolically evil person


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arch- +‎ fiend


  • Who can forget the stories about the war atrocities committed by archfiend George Bush and the heteronormative establishment upon our most vulnerable citizens: illegal immigrants, criminals, the unemployable, and the emotionally ill.

    Sharing is Caring

  • The decimation of Aryan Germany at the hands of the world's archfiend, America, had flashed before him in this room so often that at times he was sure he was losing his mind.

    ...And Nail

  • That's because I came to consider the real archfiend in religion to be the man-made organizing of it and all which that entails, leaves out, and limits.

    Fox News Poll Asks Respondents Whether They've Prayed For Bush

  • Of course, Ms. Blanchett, the archfiend with the bad accent, who miraculously survived the nuclear blast in Nevada (which is now referred to as New Mexico), wants Indy to translate for the Soviets, so she can discover the power of spiritual energy and control the universe.

    Implausible <i>Indy</i>: Ike-Era Ford Fights Russians, Aliens

  • This is the work of the Joker, an archfiend who suffers from rabies of the soul — and cherry-picks his victims at will from the populace of Gotham.

    Bat to the Future

  • In this very, very well written book, Ellis details the remarkable political turn-arounds of Madison and Jefferson as they inexorably created two-party politics in the new nation in response to the banker "take-over" of the Federalists led by their onetime Constitution favoring ally but now the archfiend Alexander Hamilton.

    Misogyny and Racism in America: Is it Lethal for Politics?

  • If Soros is correct when he says a “supremacist ideology” guides the White House, what would you call the practices of the archfiend of Free Enterprise?

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: August 10, 2006

  • Someone suggested Shih is actually working for the DPP, now he is archfiend Lee Teng-hui's tool.

    Foreign media as local tool

  • La Coquette: Your archfiend can never say you didn't warn him

    Your archfiend can never say you didn't warn him

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    Your archfiend can never say you didn't warn him


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