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  • noun uncountable Urban development theory proposed by Paolo Soleri involving three-dimensional building methods and efficient use of space and resources.
  • noun countable An extremely large habitat or settlement, sufficient to maintain an internal ecology as well as an extremely high human population density.


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Blend of architecture and ecology


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  • His famous project, Arcosanti, is an ever-evolving urban experiment that combines architecture and ecology - or "arcology" - in a complex of buildings near Cordes Junction, about 70 miles north of Phoenix. | news 2010

  • In an effort against urban sprawl, Soleri hoped to create a community based on density and efficiency (called "arcology," a mixture of architecture and ecology).

    Ben Terris: The Politics Of Inspiration In The West 2008

  • As I was reading this introduction to Paolo's theory of "arcology," a strange idea suddenly came to mind.

    In Arcology, the built & the living interact Tusar N Mohapatra 2006

  • Soleri is widely considered the father of "arcology," an idea that conceptually interprets the interrelationship between architecture and ecology.

    unknown title 2009

  • Is there a Tom, Dick, or Harry in the house? if the house is a spaceship or an arcology?

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway 2009

  • It had of course long since gone to the highest bidder, a Dubai company planning to raise an arcology on the site.

    365 tomorrows » 2010 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day 2010

  • Such a group could (would have to?) create an arcology (i.e. an artifical country) with it's own (conservative) rules and recruit the best and brightest of the world to do something worthwhile instead of being trial lawyers or corrupt politicians or even IT programmers.

    MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Responsible for the Lack of Public Interest in Space Exploration? 2008

  • I seem to recall that Niven and Pournelle have a black astronaut in Lucifer's Hammer - the one who gives the "we used to control the lightning" speech - and also that in Oath of Fealty the manager of the arcology who gave the order to kill the intruders was black.

    Steven King's "The Stand" Steven Barnes 2010

  • Long before green buildings entered popular vocabulary, futuristic eco-architect Paolo Soleri was pioneering his vision of an entire city — or arcology – structured in harmony with nature.

    Gretchen | Inhabitat 2008

  • Hire an architect (Paolo Solieri?) to build a wall-like arcology on a barge across the southern edge of the lagoon -- this would serve both as extra protection from storms and as room for Venice to expand without giving up its aquatic lifestyle.

    Venice on Stilts 2008

  • Arcologies were to be high-density, ecologically low-impact structures, with each one housing populations of thousands or more.

    Would-Be Utopias: Five Books Featuring Arcologies and Domed Cities James Davis Nicoll 2021

  • The term arcology was coined by visionary architect Paolo Soleri in 1969, combining the words “architecture” and “ecology.”

    Would-Be Utopias: Five Books Featuring Arcologies and Domed Cities James Davis Nicoll 2021


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  • The fusion of architecture with ecology.

    May 11, 2008