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  • n. intense feelings; passion;
  • n. intense devotion; eagerness; zeal

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Heat.
  • n. Warmth of passion or affection; ardor; vehemence; eagerness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Intense heat: as, “the ardency of the sun,” Sir T. Herbert, Travels, p. 27.
  • n. Warmth or passion or feeling; ardor; eagerness: as, the ardency of love or zeal.
  • n. Nautical, a tendency of some ships to come quickly to the wind.


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  • "The better to share you with," she will eventually declare, before not eating them whole but tasting their specific Coop and March delicacies with equal ardency.

    Kim Morgan: It Takes Three: Design for Living

  • Sooner or later, we all get there and the rewards are that patience, observation, and experience yield more subtle and textured pleasures than the ardency and impatience of our younger years.

    Elizabeth Buchan - An interview with author

  • No, this time it will be brought down by the misguided ardency of its champions.

    Ariel Gonzalez: Infallible Israel

  • The crowd, the gayety, the excitement, the closeness and tenderness of contact in the dancing, the summer-warm of the evening, the streaming moonlight, and the night-scents of flowers — ­all fanned her ardency, and she looked forward eagerly to the at least one more dance she might dare with Graham.


  • That the young musician loved her with an ardency that was almost painful, was patent to Graham; but what hurt him was the abandon of devotion with which she sometimes looked at Ware after he had done something exceptionally fine.


  • Princess, all but melted to my yearning, and with her laughter, that was as silver strings by buds and blossoms smitten, all but made lunacy of my lover's ardency.


  • If one day Hong Kong's opera house rivals the Met in the quality of its performances and ardency of its fans, it may be down to Mr. Scofield's evangelism.

    Hong Kong's Opera Evangelist

  • In Congress and the Senate, many formerly reasonable Republicans are now singing from the Tea Party hymn sheet for fear that insufficient ardency in support of the group's pet causes will lose them their seats come November.

    Kara Vallow: Taking on Big Whitey

  • In its religious ardency, it was prepared for apocalyptic battle.


  • Lastly, and I'm wincing in anticipation of thrown vegetables for revealing my, hmm, teenage ardency for bad, bad escapism, is Magic Kingdom for Sale -- Sold! by Terry Brooks:

    Books I actually like with bad cover art...


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