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  • adjective geology seismic inactivity.
  • adjective geology applied to earth fault slip movement that does not produce any seismic shock.


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  • Scientists believe the Pacific plate usually slides under the Tonga block with most of the stress being relieved by moderate quakes and gradual creeping motion - known as aseismic slip - rather than producing great quakes, Koper says.

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  • While the southern section of the fault and the parts through Parkfield experience earthquakes, the rest of the central section of the fault exhibits a phenomenon called aseismic creep.

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  • I was recently approched by one of my friends to find out if I might know anyone "back home" who is willing to host aseismic station on thier land.

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  • The interiors of the plates themselves are largely free of large earthquakes, that is, they are aseismic.

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  • Such pent-up energy will be released, either abruptly, adding to the severity of a future earthquake, or more benignly as aseismic creep

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  • The 1989 Loma Prieta quake filled a gap that had been aseismic since 1906

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  • n. - one without a shadow: applied to the inhabitants of the torrid zone, where the sun is vertical at noon for a few days every year aseismic adj. - free from earthquakes; designed to withstand earthquakes. aseismatic, adj. reducing or withstanding effect of earthquakes.


  • "The quiet or aseismic motions provide insight into the processes that produce earthquakes.

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  • JM is wearing his aseismic trousers today - everything will be just fine and dandy.

    July 25, 2010