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  • n. Roman Catholic Church An instrument, such as a brush or a perforated container, used for sprinkling holy water.

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  • n. an implement, in the form of a brush, or of a rod with a perforated container, for sprinkling holy water; a holy water sprinkler

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  • n. Same as aspersorium, 1.
  • n. A genus of mollusks, the watering-pot shells, of a family Aspergillidæ: a synonym of Brechites.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin, from Latin aspergere, to sprinkle; see asperse.

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From Latin aspergillum, from aspergō ("sprinkle").


  • The aspergillum is the attribute of saints expert at exorcising demons.

    A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art

  • Oddly enough morning stars have other names as well, being called “holy water sprinklers” due to the fact that they somewhat resemble the aspergillum used by the church to sprinkle parishioners with holy water, and “goedendag” or “good day”.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1043

  • (Priest replaces sword, Deacon dips aspergillum in asperging bowl of Witch Water, while Priest begins incantation for The Asperges.)

    Church of Satan Protestants | Disinformation

  • Yet imagine if Mr. Robinson had written Variable Saint, and it was the same story with one detail changed: in this future, it was discovered that the laws of high energy physics required that a Roman Catholic priest in full canonicals, with miter and alb, had to bless the drive core and sprinkle it with holy water out of an aspergillum before it could ignite!

    MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Antithetical to Religion?

  • Father also has this amusing video of a Bishop who confused the microphone and the aspergillum.

    Need for a course in modern liturgy

  • "On Shrove Tuesday he the Chaplain will institute a search in the attics to find out where the thurible, incense boat, incense, charcoal and aspergillum have been packed away"': page 218.

    Archive 2008-05-04

  • Two heralds kept watch day and night, and offered the aspergillum to anyone wishing to sprinkle the effigy with holy water.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Ta-Spon's mace had become an aspergillum that laved the battlefield in blood.

    Mercadian Masques

  • The priest dipped a golden aspergillum into the bowl of water on a stand beside the bier and flicked a few droplets on the face of the corpse.

    Lord of the Isles

  • Replacing the aspergillum, the priest took a pinch of barley meal from golden salver beside the bowl.

    Lord of the Isles


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  • Also called an aspersorium.

    January 18, 2009

  • (n): a brush for sprinkling holy water.

    January 18, 2009