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  • noun Plural form of assegai.
  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of assegai.


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  • Police said weapons such as assegais, knobkierries, spears, pangas, petrol bombs, crossbows, bows and arrows as well as firearms -- including replicas -- could not be carried or transported in 20 declared unrest areas.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • It seems almost laughable to talk of steel shirts in these days of bullets, against which they are of course quite useless; but where one has to do with savages, armed with cutting weapons such as assegais or battleaxes, they afford the most valuable protection, being, if well made, quite invulnerable to them.

    Allan Quatermain

  • In the centre of the mantel was a stuffed bird-of-paradise, while about the room were scattered gorgeous shells from the southern seas, delicate sprays of coral sprouting from barnacled pi-pi shells and cased in glass, assegais from South Africa, stone axes from New Guinea, huge


  • Machine-guns against assegais; conquest sugared with religion; mutilation and rape masquerading as culture,—all this, with vast applause at the superiority of white over black soldiers!


  • The door to the large house was guarded by two warriors with assegais.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • A moment later he was surrounded by a dozen or more tall, well-formed blacks, armed with broad-bladed assegais.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • A few braver than the rest spread out and began hacking at the bushes with their assegais for fuel.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • All along the line, huge hairy forms poised for seconds on the brink, great arms thrashing, only to waver and plunge downwards, pierced by a dozen assegais.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • And finally, when he wound up his oration at fever heat, the men of the Whalla leaped to their feet shouting and brandishing their assegais.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • As Ki-Gor and Robert leaned panting on their assegais, the tribesman hunted down the dozen or so remaining gorilla-men, ringed each one with a bristling wall of steel, and cut them down.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna


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