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  • So you in the West and Southwest, thank your friendly neighborhood realtor when the banks decides not to extend or grant you more favorable terms for your loan in order to keep your home, so that they can keep their feeder realtors happy while collecting all those late fees and other assundry costs during the tme they are leaving you hanging while your application is "pending".

    National Association of Realtors Reports Uptick On Home Sales.....Really?

  • Whether inflationary taxes, or all those other assundry Washington gimmees.

    Ted Kennedy's Death: End Of An Era

  • It is supposed to record temp, not ferret out the various and assundry factors that comprise the temp.

    Letter to NAS « Climate Audit

  • I had little doubt but that I would soon add my own disdainful paragraphs of disappointment to the pile of unfavorable reactions, and when the final assundry previews ended and the house lights dimmed -- I braced myself for mediocrity.

    and now for the review you've all been waiting for ...

  • The story of the last few days is long, complex and most likely not interesting to anyone but me and assundry relatives.

    Fashion World of SL

  • "Reality Check" has a checkered past of his own. 40 years old, convicted of burglary, rape, molestation of children under the ages of eight including the three of his own, and various other assundry.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • * allows teasing from feather-edging to full-speed grinding and THIS was just a small sampling, taken as i flipped idly through the catalog this morning in an attempt to evade beginning my work week. don't even get me started on the blow-molded cases, feeler gauges, telescoping wands/rods, and various other assundry items designed as nearly as i can tell to provide a hand-held penis metaphor in sturdy black resin or attractive brushed chrome.

    monday, freud and power tools

  • then i saw the wreckage, sprawled across the living room floor. there, in a jumbled heap lay our television, VCR, cable box, and various other assundry items from the big wooden TV cart.

    wheel of metaphor, turn turn turn.

  • i was a doofus and made ruskalya giggle, only to be reminded that this woman recently had major sections of her innards stapled in various assundry positions, and that laughter might possibly not be the best medicine. so, Patch Adams i ain't. at any rate, i wish her a true and speedy recovery, with a minimal of scarring.

    life, the universe, and everything


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  • This comes from a misunderstanding of the phrase "various and sundry," where the "and sundry" sounds like "assundry." It is rarely used and when it is used, it is in very informal texts.

    April 1, 2009