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  • n. The curly, wavy wool of young lambs from Astrakhan.
  • n. A fabric with a curly looped pile, made to resemble this fur.

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  • n. Closely-curled black or grey fleece of very young karakul lambs from Astrakhan.
  • n. Cloth resembling the above mentioned fur, often made from wool and mohair and used for trimmings.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Astrakhan in Russia or its products; made of an Astrakhan skin.

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  • n. A name given to skins with a curled wool (the pelts of young lambs) obtained from Astrakhan in European Russia.
  • n. A rough fabric with a long and closely curled pile in imitation of the fur.

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  • n. a city in southwestern Russia on the delta of the Volga River
  • n. the fur of young lambs


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Named from the Central-Asian city and oblast Astrakhan.


  • Mr. Josse looked to the long, lean silhouettes of the early 19th century for inspiration and delivered a nuanced collection in dusty-hued silks, velvets, astrakhan and feathers.

    Paris Haute Couture

  • The big coat with the astrakhan collar fitted the sleekness of body snugly.

    Twin Moons

  • Heavy bands of astrakhan were slashed across the sleeves and fronts of his double-breasted coat, while the deep blue cloak which was thrown over his shoulders was lined with flame-coloured silk and secured at the neck with a brooch which consisted of a single flaming beryl.

    Sole Music

  • An old object was Juguna: curly hair (resembling grey astrakhan), toothless gums, with the thick underlip projecting an inch or more, and long, slit-distorted ears, the lobes of which rested comfortably on his shoulders and carried on their points some heavy copper ornaments.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • Amid the waxed mustaches and astrakhan hats, Mr. Plummer is magnetic as Tolstoy — stooped, bearded and snowy as the landscape.

    Make Sure You Don't Miss The Last Station!

  • Blow it out the hole in your astrakhan coat, you antediluvian bastid.

    Obama To Declare Victory: "Our Primary Season Has Finally Come To An End"

  • His first Adventure story was called "Khlit," after its 17th-century protagonist, a saber-wielding Cossack who wore an astrakhan hat and bright red breeches.

    Shepherding a Lamb's Lost Legacy

  • Ventidius came out to see what all the fuss was about, a solid man who looked his age, tight grey curls turning his pate into something that resembled astrakhan.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • The floor-length black astrakhan coat he had made for swanking around the Winter Palace with Putin.

    While the Cats are Away...

  • For light posting - especially when there's so much to post about - from Trevor Phillips (read John McWhorter for background), an English Parliament (Third Avenue has a good post - link in sidebar), astrakhan furs and abortion, Kosovo.

    Apologies ...


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  • Holmes used this word when he was talking to Simza about the Cossack who wanted to kill her.

    June 19, 2012