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  • A compound adjective suffix of Latin origin, consisting of -ive added to the stem represented by -ate, and accompanying verbs with suffix -ate, as in demonstrative, relative, etc., from demonstrate, relate, etc., or verbs without a suffix, as in laudative, etc., from laud, etc., or standing without corresponding verbs in English, as in amative, hortative, lucrative, etc.: especially frequent in grammatical terms, as in vocative, locative, ablative, etc., all used also as nouns.


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  • Until the beginning of our century, Christians generally believed that the primary function of sex was procre - ative, that is, to produce children.

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  • As for the instrument: take speculative, cut the "ative," and add "um."

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  • Mother Model Management Katie Fogarty, a St. Louis n ative, was 14 when the Clarkes first "discovered" her.

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  • Rather th! an medit ative of people as normal or aberrant it is better for us to consider either an people thoughts as great as behaviours have been helpful as great as adaptive to their worldly as great as devout great being as great as happiness.

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  • Mr. Chavez late last week asked private banks to hand over their dollar-denominated Venezuelan bonds so that they can be used to supply the new market with U.S. currency, but it remains to be seen how cooper ative the banks will be with that request.

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  • While officials want to reduce such risks, they are aware of the neg ative effects capital controls imposed in Malaysia and Thailand had on investor sentiment, and are walking a fine line to avoid any suggestion of strict barriers to foreign investment.

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  • Angrily, they gestured toward their own trunks, then flattened the ends of their extended arm extrusions in a neg ative way as they pointed toward the Solids in the back ranks.


  • The view was impressive even to a-ative; it was enough to have Angelenos gawking.

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  • I would like to know just what Mr. Morrissey's definitions of "conservative" are, because a true American Conserve-ative does believe in preserving the Constitution as it is written with the intent of the founders ever present, unless lawfully amended through the amendment process, which also includes acknowleding the 9th Amendment and placing any and all such amendments before the people of this country for their voice and vote.

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  • And since this country was founded on the "just war" doctrines and made provision for "defense" of THIS country, would also dispute that any true American Conserve-ative would still be in support of the Middle East War on Terror since it is not at all at this point a truly "just war" nor a "defensive" one.

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