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  • An exclamation of disgust.


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  • Mrs. Cottle shot a swift glance towards my mother; and before that incident could have been forgotten, Hasluck, when no one was looking, pinched her elbow, which would not have mattered had not the unexpectedness of it drawn from her an involuntary "augh," upon which, for the reputation of the house, and the dinner being then towards its end; my mother deemed it better to take the whole company into her confidence.

    Paul Kelver, a Novel

  • "From below us in the ravine there was loud 'augh' sounds and almost at once a big wail rose up, there was this hugely loud anguish - it was the crying voices of people," she said. - Local News

  • Mr. Strausb augh got two tickets from his wife as a Christmas gift and plans to take his 14-year-old son, Colton.

    Warm Spell May Put Hockey's 'Classic' on Ice

  • At first dismissing the phenomenon as mere mass hysteria, with the aid of a friend (King Donovan) he comes to discover that people are actually being replaced by Pod People — which grew from “seeds drifting through space for years” (augh!) — who look just like regular earthlings except for the fact that they have no emotion (sound familiar, ladies?).

    The Week in DVR: Mos Definitely Watch House!

  • Okay, so I'm sneaking a break on the laptop to make a posting, and after this God only knows when I'll be on again, because our broadband is not scheduled to be turned on until July 30th (augh!), and while I will therefore probably only have access when I hie myself to an internet cafe.


  • Even though Michael J Fox is the same age as my mom augh!

    Sunday Sweets Visits the 80s

  • Most of all, we are BOTH going to augh as much as possible, stay positive, and not psych ourselves out.

    a short squirrel interlude: being home

  • What kinda B.S. Is that augh that show blew...megab fox had spmyhin up her ass the whole time lil Wayne didn't preform hanna montanna got an award and ontop of that she didn't even thank her dad!

    VOTD: Bruno Tea-bags Eminem at MTV Awards | /Film

  • Came home and watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls, which then caused me to hit debela with a stick because augh the addiction of it all.

    chd strikes again

  • We watched a bunch of La Femme Nikita last night, including a couple episodes that made us stab ourselves in the chests with the augh factor, so despite the rough start, we're enjoying the series very much.



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  • Exclamation indicating exasperation

    December 4, 2006