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  • n. A family of Mediterranean sauces and soups made with egg and lemon juice mixed with broth.


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From Greek αυγολέμονο, from αυγό (avgó, "egg") + λεμόνι (lemóni, "lemon").


  • They also have a "zesty" chicken soup called avgolemono that they bill as traditional "greek penicillin".

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  • We had this salad with Youvarlakia avgolemono, which is Greek-style meatballs with oregano, mint, rice, eggs, onion, and garlic, in an egg-yolk and lemon-juice spiked broth; a recipe from Elisabeth Luard’s The Old World Kitchen, which I bought based on Bittman’s recommendation.

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  • ED with reverence, for she introduced them to European exotica such as avgolemono, osso buco and pissaladière.

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  • Served in a square white bowl, the soup deftly straddled the line between thin broth and thick creamy-based soup, and its smooth texture demonstrated its freshness, since egg-based soups such as avgolemono and uvarlakia tend to separate or curdle over time.

  • salad with a chunk of feta say "avgolemono" 3 times fastOur traditional Greek salad was nothing special, just a nice way to eat a giant chunk of feta cheese without looking like a total weirdo for ordering just a giant chunk of feta cheese.

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  • I like to add some avgolemono, it adds a nice lemony sharpness.

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  • The well-known stars are joined by neighborhood favorites such as The Continental and its avgolemono.

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  • Mulled White Wine Soup, a cross between eggnog and Greek avgolemono.

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  • Egg lemon sauce, or avgolemono, is probably the best-known Greek sauce.


  • Pureed artichoke hearts, in addition to eggs, thicken this delectable version of the classic Greek soup avgolemono.

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  • ~ A soup or sauce made with chicken stock, egg yolks, and lemon juice

    ~ Modern Greek augolemono, from augo egg + lemoni lemon

    January 19, 2009