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  • A Scotch form of away.
  • n. A name, in Hawaii and other islands of Polynesia, of a plant of the pepper family, Piper methysticum, from which the natives prepare a beverage.
  • n. The beverage prepared from awa. See kava.
  • n. The common Hawaiian name of the milk-fish, Chanos chanos.


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  • There was mirth, there was laughter but nothin 'awa'.

    The Baron o' Brackley (2)

  • "Ca 'awa' -- I'm the man for ye if it's sae muckle ye're willin 'tae pay me."

    Between You and Me

  • Despite such metaphysical quibbles, he threw himself completely into the Hawaiian experience, touring the marketplace at Honolulu on a Saturday, when the Kanakas gathered to trade, feast, drink a “fearful” brew called awa that was said to cause “premature decrepitude,” and watch the maidens dance the restricted hula an 1859 ordinance required a ten-dollar fee and limited the dance to private nighttime performances.


  • She gied the girl's gude name awa 'to win hersel' a bit honor wi 'auld wives, and even the minister at first was against Maggie; sae when she couldna thole her trouble langer, she went to her brither, and folks say, he gied her the cold shoulder likewise.

    A Daughter of Fife

  • Paulit-ulit siyang nagpaliwanag at nag maka awa sa mga kasamahan ko sa trabaho, pero wala na rin silang nagawa.


  • Aye, aye, its a 'awa' -- an 'its mony the year I thocht on it, let alane thocht on wantin' back thae days o 'vanity an' the pride o 'sinfu' youth! "

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • And syne the first thing that he did was ca 'awa' the mast.

    Swan Necked Valve

  • Strang (1948), 13, has st. 2; differs: 1 O omitted 2 ye shud keep 3 puitin 'awa' ... the drappie 4 There's nothing I ken like the Peter Reid Rock!

    Peter Reid Rock 1

  • "Ye can be bummin 'awa' wi 'your chanter," he said as he stood listening in the kitchen.

    Doom Castle

  • He'd been sittin 'ben the hoose wi' his book croonin 'awa' till himsel 'aboot Rooshya bein' boundit on the north by the White Sea, an 'on the sooth by the Black

    My Man Sandy


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