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  • adj. Resembling a baby, or something associated with a baby.


baby +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • Chihuahuas are also very stubborn and the "human" or babylike manner in the way many are treated by their owners just exacerbates this problem.


  • Having been a preemie myself, I have to say that even my one-pound-thirteen-ounces self looked healthier and more babylike than this thing even when I was all hooked up to machines in what passed for an incubator back in the 1970s.

    Regretsy – Premature Abomination

  • Youth hit the streets with fashions that offer an overt assertion of babylike and childlike cuteness.

    Shock of Gray

  • If more people were more grown-up and less babylike, we could have cushioned the hurt we now face, but no, everyone had to have his induhvidual freedom in the form of a cul de sac house and a strip of pavement from everywhere to everywhere and no tax dollars for mass transit.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » 1.4 Billion

  • He was sandy-haired, heavy, with a face made babylike from soft fat.

    Mercy Falls

  • Apart from emphasizing feminine, neotonous babylike features a peak shift in the masculine/feminine facial features domain notice how the skin tones are exaggerated to produce an unrealistic and absurd ‘healthy’ pink flush.

    The Cognitive Science of Art: Ramachandran's 10 Principles of Art, Principles 1-3

  • It would be the easiest folly in the world to fall in love with her: there is such a sweet babylike roundness about her face and figure; the delicate dark rings of hair lie so charmingly about her ears and neck; her great dark eyes with their long eye-lashes touch one so strangely, as if an imprisoned frisky sprite looked out of them.

    Adam Bede

  • As an example, young, babylike skin can be made as tough as leather by the actions of free radicals produced by sunlight.

    The New Super-Nutrition

  • He had never heard that word from a woman, and this one was so soft, her voice so mellow, her face so tiny and babylike.


  • According to all knowledge, Casca should be irreversibly crippled and scarred, but his skin and damaged flesh was merely sloughing off, the heavy burn scars being replaced by new, pink, babylike skin.

    The Eternal Mercenary


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