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  • n. An instance of being startled; surprise.


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  • Yay for the no dropping down spiders 'cuz that would totally make me freak out and probably pee my pants in startlement and fear.

    Arachnids R Us

  • Every eye turned on him in startlement and fear, and Steward hushed him with a whispered command.

    Chapter 15

  • Like the smoker on the opium couch refocusing his eyes from the spacious walls of dream to the narrow confines of the mean little room, so Old Tarwater stared vague-eyed before him across his dying fire, at a huge moose that stared at him in startlement, dragging a wounded leg, manifesting all signs of extreme exhaustion; it, too, had been straying blindly in the shadow-land, and had wakened to reality only just ere it stepped into Tarwater's fire.

    Like Argus of the Ancient Times

  • Devil be damned! he shouted his loudest and most belligerent, as he ruffled like a bravo at the gutter-cat beneath him, so that he sent her crouching, with startlement, lower to the floor, her ears wilting rigidly flat and down, her tail lashing, her head turning about the room so that her eyes might penetrate its obscurest corners in quest of the human whose voice had so cried out.


  • Her eyes fluttered open, and Anya was certain that, like before, the startlement of the physical world intruding upon her trance would drive her back into her body.


  • Smothering his startlement, the tauren turned to the lead archdruid.


  • In delirium, "in the dusk of Death's fluttery wings," he sank until reality came crashing upon his ears and he stared vague-eyed across his dying fire at a huge moose that "stared at him in startlement, dragging a wounded leg ..."

    “It was the Golden Fleece ready for the shearing.”

  • Filiméala could not keep the startlement from her voice.

    Blood Lite II: Overbite

  • I laughed so hard, I had to crawl away and vomit again into the high grass edging the lake, to the startlement of several crickets.

    Bleeding Violet

  • To his startlement, I grabbed his hand and pulled him around to the front of the truck.

    Bleeding Violet


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