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  • noun Alternative spelling of back-formation.


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  • He's written some more about this kind of backformation, this time with the verbs serial kill, underage drink, fence-sit, arm-flap, problem-solve


  • Back-formation (or back formation or backformation) is a term that describes the way certain words are formed.

    April « 2009 « Sentence first

  • Example: “His parents were so connected that she was constantly dorphaned.” insignificant other (noun – backformation from significant other) Any once-important person made unimportant through social media.

    Dwidow, Dwidower, or Dorphan?

  • Why would one prefer a backformation of a verb from its nominal form, short sale, to its “standard” verb form, short sell?

    Short Sale Your House! (Don’t short sell it.) « Motivated Grammar

  • These verbs are a particular variety of one of my favorite word-formation processes, backformation.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Watch my Backformation

  • It is possible that hoakum, the verb of which is to hoak, is a similar backformation from hoax.

    Chapter 9. The Common Speech. 6. The Noun

  • - What do you call it when you reverse-engineer a backformation?

    Long story; short pier

  • Even as Swanson's work raises questions about the personal values we project onto nature, his work also seeks to regain a sense of the primitive nobility of the indigenous experience, in spite of an awareness that such experience could be a mythical backformation.

    Stories from The Sun

  • Various grasses are Scand fog (and later perhaps foggy ` misty 'and by backformation fog ` mist'), marram, literally, ` mere

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XI No 3

  • Till is the earlier form, attested as early as 1330; Until is actually derived from till, not the other way around as in ’til (a backformation which showed up much later).

    2007 November « Motivated Grammar


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