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  • n. A clear, Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage, generally about 40-60% alcohol by volume, usually distilled from sorghum.


From Mandarin 白酒 (báijiǔ). (Wiktionary)


  • Maotai—the most popular variant of a homegrown liquor called baijiu, and once a favorite of Chairman Mao—now sells for more than $300 a bottle, double the price a year ago.

    Forget Stocks—Chinese Turn Bullish on Booze and Caterpillar Fungus

  • Then we'll close the door and overwhelm our guests with numerous courses of delicacies and round after round of toasts with Chinese hard liquor known as baijiu, or white liquor.

    Inside a 'Power Lunch'

  • China's "national wine," giving it an undeniable marketing edge over the other gullet-searing grain spirits, collectively known as baijiu, tossed back at banquet tables across the nation.

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  • I have no doubt it was the Chinese spirit baijiu, which is usually 55ish percent.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • baijiu translates as "white spirit" at state dinners during his first visit to China in 1972.

  • China's swelling middle class, many of whom are replacing the long-popular "baijiu" grain liquor and beer at their dinner tables with -

  • Not surprisingly, then, it is home to a small alcohol factory, which produces 'baijiu', the Chinese version of vodka.

    RNW: English

  • "The dominance reflects widespread popularity of local spirits, especially rice-based spirits such as baijiu in China and soju in South Korea," stated the report.

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  • "baijiu," earned its cachet as the alcohol of choice by Chinese leaders and diplomats to honor visiting dignitaries. -- Top News

  • As part of a joint venture in China for example, Diageo produces the Shui Jing Fang brand of baijiu, a white spirit that the company says accounts for half of China's alcoholic-beverage consumption by volume.

    Diageo Nears Deal With Turkish Spirits Maker


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