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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bandy.


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  • No wonder "zombies" are back, a term bandied about in the heat of the bank credit crisis of 2008.

    Lydia Fisher: Frankenstein, Return of the Zombies: The Sequel

  • Martin O'Neill Big data is a term bandied around the technology sector with great ease, but little precision.

    Filtering Profits

  • Its a label bandied about far too freely these days, but what do you do if you find yourself trying to have a serious relationship with somebody who seems to be a commitment phobe?

    What Men Say, What Women Hear

  • Dr Starkey, famed for his acerbic comments on shows such as BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze and BBC One's Question Time, said: One-nation Toryism is a term bandied around a very great deal at the moment...

    BBC News - Home

  • Socialism being a term bandied about ad nausium by so many people on these threads who have not got a clue what the word means.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Strolling through the gambling parlor on the lower deck, Quinn sensed people noticing him, heard his name bandied about under the music.


  • Ah yes, the Volcker Rule, like most regulations, is a "job killer," to use a phrase bandied about by politicians. - Top Stories

  • We knew we had heard the phrase bandied about the past couple of years on Fox News, and went looking in Google to find out where we had heard it.

    Crooks and Liars

  • It is to be parodied and caricatured and have your face shoved onto t-shirts and your name bandied about and slapped on buildings and street signs. trend on Twitter for hours before everyone realizes you didn't say what they thought you said.

    Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis

  • We hear the term bandied about quite a bit, "informed consent."



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  • It has a fun, Robin Hoodish feel to it.

    July 22, 2009