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  • noun A traditional Ukrainian stringed musical instrument shaped like a lute, having many strings.

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  • noun A Ukrainian plucked stringed instrument, resembling an asymmetrical lute, played with both hands while held upright on the lap.


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Ukrainian бандура (bandúra), possibly via Polish and Italian pandura, Latin pandūra, from Ancient Greek πανδοῦρα ("zither"), perhaps from Lydian.


  • In the final round Wednesday at National Geographic's headquarters, students answered questions ranging from identifying the flags of various countries to what country the "bandura" is the national instrument of: Ukraine.

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  • The bandura is the most important and distinctive instrument of the Ukrainian folk tradition, and was utilized by the famous 15th century kobzars, a kind of wandering performing who composed dumy, or folk epics.

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  • The performers were Michael Alpert (who is a native Yiddish speaker, bless him) and Julian Kytasty, the scion of a dynasty of bandura players.

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  • A bandura (in case you wanted to know) looks like the graceful child of a lap harp and a lute and sounds a little like a dulcimer and a little like an autoharp, only a lot less tinny.

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  • Ben-Yehuda wanted to call the tomato a badura, from Arabic bandura, which itself is from Italian pomodoro.


  • Hryhory Kytasty's work as composer, performer, teacher, and conductor of the famed Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus made him a pivotal figure in the twentieth-century development of the bandura and the single greatest influence on North American players, bandura schools, and ensembles.


  • The Music of Russia cache. id = 67506&rendTypeId = 4 Person playing the bandura.

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  • The bandura has an oval wooden body; a short, fretless neck attached to the soundboard in an off-centre position; 4 to 8 bass strings running from the neck.

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  • Sources of bandura child obesity information from the web.

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  • A special musical performance was presented by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, an all-male group who serve as ambassadors of Ukrainian culture, music and the unique 60-stringed instrument, the bandura - Local


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  • A Ukrainian stringed instrument of the lute family.

    March 20, 2008