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  • n. In logic, the mnemonic name of a kind of syllogism the premises of which are those of a syllogism in barbara (which see), while the conclusion is only a particular instead of a universal affirmative: as, All men are mortal; all kings are men; hence, some kings are mortal.
  • n. Also improperly used for baralipton, 1.


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  • Idris Ali mentions "barbari," a pejorative term used in the Egyptian dialect for black Africans, especially Nubians: "The degrading element of the word is rooted in a close association between human culture and linguistic competence; the barbari is someone who mispronounces and misuses Arabic, and his broken speech points to a lack of culture.

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  • To call a Nubian "barbari" is thus doubly insulting: First, because it ignores the words which Nubians call themselves; and second, because it suggests the ineloquent Nubian is less than fully human ".

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  • Che ricordi hai della trilogia futuristica, composta da I nuovi barbari, 1990 we guerrieri del Bronx e Fuga dal Bronx?

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  • Slices of barbari, a slab of feta, a silver bowl overflowing with sour cherry jam, and a basket of mulberries wait patiently for us to arise.

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  • So engrained was this notion that Medieval Italians took to describing the Germans and French as barbari–hence the frequently heard phrase, “Barbarians Out!”

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  • So many myriads of the commons were butchered up, with sword, famine, war, tanto odio utrinque ut barbari ad abhorrendam lanienam obstupescerent, with such feral hatred, the world was amazed at it: or at our late Pharsalian fields in the time of Henry the Sixth, betwixt the houses of Lancaster and York,

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • De multe ori pe parcursul istoriei Democraţia ar fi ursurped dacă la barbari concedierea Roma sau regii creştini vanquishing este de secole. »2007» martie

  • Arctissimo igitur vbique loco existente, instabant barbari vndique, � dextris et a sinistris, et aliund� dimicantes, et tela super nos quasi imbres descendentia interimebant viros et equos complures.

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  • Sed Dei gratia ex toto � nostris in fugam vertebantur barbari.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • The Romans might, however, confound the African term berber with barbari, which latter they applied, like the Greeks, to all strangers and foreigners.

    Travels in Morocco


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