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  • adj. Unassisted, with just a bow and no additional aids such as sights.


bare +‎ bow (Wiktionary)


  • Applegate, a 53-year-old Grass Valley native and nearly a 15-year veteran in field archery, said he's planning on being the one among 16 competitors to take the gold from his barebow division.

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  • Twenty-seven of the best barebow field archers from around the globe have qualified for the 2009 World Games.

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  • Nelson-Harris, who picked up the sport after growing tired of sitting on the sidelines while her sons competed, said she and Applegate have helped motivate each other into becoming two of the four Americans competing in barebow at the World Games.

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  • Nelson-Harris, who qualified for the World Games by winning gold at the World Field Championship in Wales last September, is one of 11 women who will compete in the barebow competition.

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  • (n.) archery shooting class or competition where sights or any mark on the bow that may act as a sight are not permitted.

    August 5, 2009