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  • noun Plural form of barfly.


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  • Frequented by office workers, hipsters and local barflies, the long, narrow room has amber-painted walls, a giant mural of Thomas Mann's children Klaus and Erika, and some German bar snacks for peckish punters.

    10 of the best cocktail bars in Berlin

  • His fingers failed to release and he merely spattered the nearest barflies with beer.

    365 tomorrows » Roi R. Czechvala : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • The other night, Gregory worked that bar upstairs at The Eagle like the consummate professional that he is, spreading good cheer even to the most jaded of aging barflies, in fact to everyone.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Grab the latest volume while you can and read a culinary historian's investigation of eating implements (the focus is on the indispensable Swiss Army knife); a daughter's loving look at her father's relationship with his garden; an expose of the dish known as Chop Suey; the origins of food delivery in New York City (horse-drawn action included) and, for barflies, a from-then-to-now tour of the speakeasy. $25 each or $40 for a subscription,

    Bits & Bites: News You Can Eat

  • I was zoning out from the barflies 'heated conversation — the smoking ban, for the thousandth time — when my phone rang.

    Thing To Do In Deptford When You're Dead.

  • The would-be groom dropped to the floor of the bar like a sack of potatoes, and Shana announced to all the barflies watching the mayhem without surprise that she'd buy anyone who pissed on Morris's head two drinks, but not premium.

    Space Junk [July challenge]

  • I write about time-traveling barflies (coming up in Dec. 2008, Tales of the Talisman), mad prophet hunting robots at the end of the world, and government mandated euthanasia.

    How does one classify themselves anyway?

  • But which cheap canned beer do D.C. barflies prefer?

    Getting Up Guide: Battle of the Beers tonight at Bourbon

  • Back for their sixth season last night, the barflies of Brotherly Love mixed the issue into their usual cocktail of wrong and raunchy, and ended up with yet another those artfully offensive episodes that had us choking on our alley almonds.

    Watercooler: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Goes Gay

  • Bloomberg TV and all the major media picked it up and have been crooning like drunken barflies on St. Paddies

    Let's Make a Deal, Part I - Green Shoots, World Great Depression, or a Brand New Car!


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