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  • n. The principal ore of aluminum, composed mainly of hydrous aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides.

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  • n. The principal ore of aluminium; a clay-like mineral, being a mixture of hydrated oxides and hydroxides.

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  • n. A ferruginous hydrate of alumina. It is the most commonly used ore for the preparation of aluminum and alumina. It is also used for the lining of furnaces which are exposed to intense heat.

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  • n. A clay found at Les Baux, near Aries in France, and elsewhere, in concretionary grains or oölitic

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  • n. a clay-like mineral; the chief ore of aluminum; composed of aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides; used as an abrasive and catalyst


After Les Baux, a commune of southeast France.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
French from Les Baux in France. (Wiktionary)


  • This ship is carrying a chemical called bauxite, which is used to make aluminum.

    CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2006

  • The answer turned out to be aluminum, which would bring its own raw materials with it -- bauxite from the tropics, cryolite from Greenland, petroleum coke from Texas, and would require from the Saguenay only its wasting water power and a tidewater port for the entrance of its supplies.

    Building Frontiers with Aluminum

  • June of $0.43, reinforcing SDGM's confidence in BRL's ability to develop its extensive Darling Ranges land holdings into a profitable long-term bauxite production and export business.

    WA Business News - Latest News

  • Authorities are building an emergency dam to prevent the flood of more toxic waste, a byproduct of bauxite, which is used to manufacture aluminum.

    Hungary Releases Plant Director in Connection with Toxic Flood

  • A can starts its life as a reddish ore called bauxite, which gets strip-mined in Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, and a few other tropical spots.78 The mining displaces native people and animals and cuts down legions of those brave soldiers in the war against global warming—the trees.


  • Guinea is home to one of the world's largest deposits of bauxite, which is used to produce aluminum.

    Guinea's Prime Minister Cedes Power, Paving Path for Military Rule

  • WHITFIELD: Now, apparently, there is an aluminum ore or called bauxite that is on board this cargo.

    CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2006

  • And we're not sure exactly in what form this rock, whether it has been in some way, you know, grounded up -- it's bauxite, which is used to help make aluminum.

    CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2006

  • Suriname bauxite and gold mining, alumina production; oil, lumbering, food processing, fishing

    The 2007 CIA World Factbook

  • Cryolite (Na_ {3} AlF_ {6}), found in Greenland, and bauxite, which is an aluminium hydroxide usually mixed with some iron hydroxide, are important minerals.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry


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