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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of bawl.


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  • Bent double into a bush one day, searching a tennis ball, he heard his name bawled up and down the courts; he did not stir.

    Once Aboard the Lugger

  • The next morning at eleven o'clock Fred Starratt heard his name bawled through the corridors and he was led out to the room where prisoners were allowed to receive their lawyers or converse with relatives and friends through the barred and screened opening.

    Broken to the Plow

  • "I'm goin 'to bawl, and I'll lick any feller that calls me a baby!" said the blacksmith, but he laughed and "bawled" together.

    Bruvver Jim's Baby

  • "She's stuck!" yelled, or as he himself would put it, "bawled," the Prophet.

    Le Petit Nord or, Annals of a Labrador Harbour

  • As he held up the last teetering mountain he "bawled": "What am I bid for this wonderful cake?

    Le Petit Nord or, Annals of a Labrador Harbour

  • Aora bawled to the victim and set Bashti cackling again.


  • It wasn't till later, making the long drive home to Valdosta, that she bawled.

    Spray-Tans in the 70s

  • The sheep bawled, it's eyes flashing with pain, its tongue lolling from its mouth, a perfect cloud of vapor mushrooming from its cries.

    February 2012 Denver, COLORADO

  • "Ten to one on Harrington!" bawled the Birch Creek King, flourishing his sack in the lieutenant's face.


  • So it was that Captain Johannes Maartens, Hendrik Hamel, and the twelve sea-cunies of us roystered and bawled in the fisher village while the winter gales whistled across the Yellow Sea.

    Chapter 15


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