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  • n. Power; strength.
  • n. Command; control; possession.
  • n. Forest; woods.
  • v. To govern; inherit.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A forest; -- used as a termination of names. See weald.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A Middle English form of wold.


From Middle English walden, from Old English wealdan ("to rule, control, determine, direct, command, govern, possess, wield, exercise, cause, bring about"), from Proto-Germanic *waldanan (“to rix, reign”), from Proto-Indo-European *waldʰ- (“to be strong, be powerful, prevail, possess”). Cognate with German walten ("to prevail, reign, dominate"), Danish volde ("to cause"), Icelandic valda ("to cause"), Lithuanian valda ("land property"), Lithuanian valdyti ("to rule"). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English wald, iwald, from Old English ġeweald ("might, power, possession, control, command, dominion, bridle, protection, subjection, groin, pudenda"), from Proto-Germanic *waldan (“might, power, main”), from Proto-Indo-European *waldʰ- (“to be strong, be powerful, prevail, possess”). Cognate with German Gewalt ("force, power, control, violence"), Swedish våld ("force, violence"). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English wald, from Old English weald ("high land covered with wood, woods, forest"), from Proto-Germanic *walþuz, whence also Old High German wald (German Wald) and Old Norse vǫllr (Faroese vøllur, Norwegian voll, Icelandic völlur). (Wiktionary)


  • There is nothing wrong in letting these last few states votes and Demorcrats including Obama supporters needs to quit getting their panties in a wald.

    Obama backer compares Clinton to 'Fatal Attraction' character

  • A protégé of Felix Adler and lillian wald, Henry had earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Erlangen in 1906.

    Belle Moskowitz.

  • Early leaders during this period included lillian wald, amelia greenwald, naomi deutsch, Blanche Pfefferkorn, and regina kaplan. rae landy and rose kaplan were the first American nurses in Palestine as hadassah was being established.

    Nursing in the United States.

  • Early in the trial, U.S. prosecutors showed film clips from Dachau, Buchen-wald and Bergen-Belsen.

    The Trial Of The Century

  • Glenartney, committed upon ye day of last bypast, be certain of ye said clan, be ye council and determination of ye haill, avow and to defend ye authors yrof qoever wald persew for revenge of ye same, qll ye said Jo. was occupied in seeking of venison to his Hieness, at command of Pat.

    A Legend of Montrose

  • The Swiss love to teach their kids about the wald (forest), so he will spend a freezing cold afternoon chopping wood or lighting fires or throwing stones into frozen streams.

    Snow mouse

  • Mike Esterl The children and their teachers -- who come to school dressed to spend the full day outside -- relax in the "wald sofa," a ring of tree stumps and twigs.

    Modern-Day Hansels and Gretels

  • The quagmire in Iraq makes Vietnam look like a wald in the park.

    Think Progress » Iraq: Worse Than Civil War

  • 'Yah'd as good,' continued his visitor; 'it' uld set ye up wald

    Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte

  • But I must remind Professor Popkin that long before the Baton Rouge meeting was mentioned, Mr. Garrison claimed that he had established a link between Shaw, O.wald, and Ruby by decoding identical cryptograms ( "P.O. Box 19106") in O.wald's and Shaw's address books which, when decoded, proved to be Ruby's unpublished 1963 telephone number.

    Garrison's Evidence


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