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  • adj. Adorned with ornamental braid fasteners.


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  • As well as letters of introduction, Oscar equipped himself with a new wardrobe, including a warm Polish cap and a befrogged and wonderfully befurred green overcoat; Lowell had warned him about the New York winters.

    Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile

  • All the more did he admire the officer, who in spite of his tight-fitting full-dress uniform coat, amply befrogged and weighed down by epaulettes, was pursuing his subject with such enthusiasm and, besides talking, was still tightening a screw here and there with a spanner.

    The First Five Pages

  • Also note his unusual usage of vocabulary, words such as “befrogged” and “epaulettes.”

    The First Five Pages

  • All were finely befrogged, and ruched, and epauletted, and, for the most part, they sported moustaches.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 5, May, 1862 Devoted To Literature And National Policy

  • Then, heralded by a blare of trumpets and a crash of kettledrums, came the cavalry; cuirassiers with their steel helmets and breastplates covered with grey linen, hussars in befrogged grey jackets and fur busbies, also linen-covered, and finally the Uhlans, riding amid a forest of lances under a cloud of fluttering pennons.

    Fighting in Flanders

  • Antwerp and watched a regiment of mud-bespattered guides clatter past, it was hard to believe that I was living in the twentieth century and not in the beginning of the nineteenth, for instead of serviceable uniforms of grey or drab or khaki, these men wore the befrogged green jackets, the cherry-coloured breeches, and the huge fur busbies which characterized the soldiers of Napoleon.

    Fighting in Flanders

  • In the restaurant, the befrogged and red-coated band poured out patriotic music, and the intervals between the courses that so few waiters were left to serve were broken by the ever-recurring obligation to stand up for the Marseillaise, to stand up for God Save the King, to stand up for the Russian National Anthem, to stand up again for the Marseillaise.

    Fighting France

  • Our new acquaintance very deliberately coiled up the tube of his hookah and produced from behind a curtain a very long befrogged topcoat with astrakhan collar and cuffs.

    The Sign of Four

  • Barnabas smiled, but off came the long, befrogged surtout.

    The Amateur Gentleman

  • Turning sharp about, Barnabas beheld a shortish, broad-shouldered individual in a befrogged surtout and cords, something the worse for wear, who stood with his booted legs wide apart and stared at him from a handsome bronzed face, with a pair of round blue eyes; he held a broad-brimmed hat in his hand -- the other, Barnabas noticed, was gone from the elbow.

    The Amateur Gentleman


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  • A frog he would a wooing go . . . befrogged and befogged with too much grog, tripped over a log, spoiled his fancy tog; now the frog is no longer befrogged. Whoa. That's a word to tip your frog too.

    October 17, 2010

  • It was early morning, and the pond was heavily befrogged...

    March 27, 2008

  • And here I always thought it meant "covered in frogs." This sounds much nicer and far more comfortable. ;->

    March 27, 2008

  • means "gilded or adorned with decorative braids."

    March 27, 2008