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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of behave.


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  • And I think that sending a signal that we respect the aspirations of the Iranian people, but that we also have certain expectations in terms of how a international actor behaves, is … (CROSSTALK)

    Matthew Yglesias » A Team of Coreligionists

  • Meanwhile McCain behaves like an unhappy child, makes a multitude of foreign policy blunders, and whines about everything Obama does.

    A McCain Iraq Chronology in Question - The Caucus Blog -

  • Amazing how such a supposed “HERO” like McCain behaves like a Lapdog for his political masters Bush and Cheney.

    McCain Talks About P.O.W. Experiences - The Caucus Blog -

  • Pallottino had claimed that it was a demonstrative but obviously this is just an ad hoc idea based on Latin iste 'that', hardly likely given that Etruscan is conclusively unrelated to Latin, that this value is not born from the textual contexts themselves and that the word behaves more like a noun than a demonstrative based on all that we now know about Etruscan grammar.

    Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

  • You have a very odd idea of parsimony; in my universe adding in an entity to ensure that the universe bahaves the way that it behaves is rather unparsimonious.

    A New Weapon Against Freedom and ID: Volksverhetzung

  • When Britain behaves unilaterally, it decides to pay off 10% of the the debt of the Third World.


  • Each chemical separation is followed by a measurement of the activity of the products obtained, and in this way it is possible to determine how the active substance behaves from the chemical viewpoint.

    Marie Curie - Nobel Lecture

  • He buys and gloats over every silly detective story that was ever written; practises disguises and making himself up, as he calls it; takes lessons in conjuring; haunts the police courts; consorts with criminals -- in short, behaves like a great overgrown child in his own native city, where the name of Bundercombe -- from the feminine standpoint -- realizes everything that stands for freedom and greatness.

    An Amiable Charlatan

  • The way comic book Thor behaves is more like this noble knight from Camelot, whereas the “real” Thor is more bloodthirsty and dirty, he is the epitome of the Viking warrior ideal and that has nothing to do with the softspoken (and just little bit gayish perhaps?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The Death of Captain America

  • "We've heard your story, of course, so we know a little about how this sword behaves, but how is it you can be so certain that this is in fact your sword and not another?"

    The Misenchanted Sword


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