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  • n. Adherent of bellicism, advocate of war, one who is war-centered or war-oriented.
  • adj. Of or relating to bellicism, a bellicist, bellicists, advocating war, who is war-centered or war-oriented.


From Latin bellicus ("of or pertaining to war; warlike") and the suffix -ist; possibly adapted from the French neologism belliciste (about Bismarck, 1871; in Émile Faguet, 1908). (Wiktionary)


  • Anglophobia is always liable to reversal, hence that fairly common spectacle, the pacifist of one war who is a bellicist in the next.

    Notes on Nationalism

  • Of course, to shoot straight is so much easier than to think straight, and I suppose at bottom the bellicist believes that the latter is a hopeless object since "man is not a thinking animal."

    Peace Theories and the Balkan War

  • María Aznar argument was the justified his bellicist stance on famous and falses assumptions that weapons of very soon were massive proved as wrong destructions

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