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  • n. One who believes in the use of military force.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A military man.
  • n. A person having a strong spirit of militarism, in senses 3 or 4.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One devoted to military affairs; one proficient in the art of war.
  • n. One who is in favor of a standing army; one who advocates a warlike policy.

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  • n. a person who advocates war or warlike policies


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  • Now if you think about it, the inequalities and distortions of gender in a patriarchal society are very characteristic of social systems we call militarist and nationalist.

    This Is Not Tawana Brawley

  • The out-and-out militarist – the believer in wars of conquest or colonisation, or in war for its own sake, as a means whereby the mass of mankind may rapidly acquire all those virtues which can otherwise be obtained only at an expensive public school – the out-and-out militarist is almost dead.

    Try Anything Twice

  • I want you to call Obama and their Federal Representatives and tell them not to move forward with Obama's "militarist" - solution to the "Border Cartel Drug Wars."

    Re-Legalize Marijuana to Destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels

  • Obviously this sort of tendency leads a lot of people to the conclusion that you have to be really leery about urging ’something’ be done by the U.S. foreign policy establishment lest a certain militarist tendency capture that moral admonition for its own predictable purposes.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Trouble With Genocide Prevention

  • Let's hope the republican party is still around to be a magnet for the fringe wingers, haters and militarist, that is the best hope for keeping them marginalized and their corpratist politicians out of office.

    Poll Data: GOP Fast Becoming Rump Party

  • Again, I would like to ask the reader about his judgment towards Israel, which in two consecutive weeks, found itself quarrelling with both Sweden and Norway; in other words, a militarist occupying country, founded on the myths of the Torah, is facing off with two Scandinavian countries - the practical epithets of humanity, peace and civilization - in ethical issues.

    Opinion Source: Delivering summaries of editorial and op-ed pieces from major papers by email.

  • In his role as a chief engineer of flarf, Gardner has been viewed as precisely the kind of militarist any definition of avant-garde would imply.

    Jordan Davis reads Drew Gardner

  • But rebel chief Jonas Savimbi called the president a 'militarist' and accused the government of continuing to train troops to step up attacks on his movement.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • If the Government had not connived, for purposes of its own, at the proceedings of what the French call the 'militarist' party, there would have been no turmoil at all.

    With Zola in England

  • America and Israel were dangerous not just because they were violent "militarist" powers.

    Signs of the Times


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