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  • v. To stand by or near; stand around.
  • v. To beset; stand around in hostility; harass.
  • v. To surround; encompass.
  • v. To serve; be of service to; be ready to serve or aid.

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  • To serve; be of service to; be ready to serve or aid.


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From Middle English bistanden, bestanden, from Old English bestandan ("to stand round or about, beset, surround, attend to, harass"), equivalent to be- +‎ stand. Cognate with Dutch bestaan ("to exist, subsist, live"), German bestehen ("to exist, endure, be available"), Swedish bestå ("to consist, continue, endure, provide").


  • Another note: In his brilliant commentary on The Question Concerning Technology, called The Gods and Technology, Richard Rojcewicz presents what i think is a better translation for "bestand" namely "disposables" for which Lovitt has used the somewhat more abstract "standing reserve."


  • What if he punctuated his conversational speech with Heideggerian coinages like “bestand,” “gestell,” and “dwelling”?

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Experts agree that the bestand possibly the onlyway to pay off credit card debt is by yourself, little by little.

    Enough Already

  • The holiday season brings out the bestand sometimes the worstin people.

    Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder

  • It seems inevitable that people without access to natural bestand such as oil wells or diamond mines, that they'd turn to the only inventory they do have—their lives.


  • More and more, the bestand of our era is our own intellectual property.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • The problem with seeing the world as bestand, Heidegger said, was it leads you to use things, enslave and exploit things and people, for your own benefit.


  • He called this world of raw natural resources: bestand.


  • This growing correspondence was interpreted as the bestand most visible sign of the spreading importance of the German Workers'Party, and then-then there was a long deliberation with regard to the answersto be made.

    Mein Kampf

  • Het programma haalt vervolgens alle updates van de ftp-server van Microsoft en maakt naar keuze dan een iso-bestand van het geheel per taal of per besturingssysteem. Mixed RSS Feed


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