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  • adj. best


best +‎ -est (Wiktionary)


  • I was in bestest luck, but now my love goes contrary, v. 75.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • I was in bestest luck, but now my luck goes contrary:

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • His "bestest" friend in the world Sen. Tom Davis too lacks judgment, accountability and character to choose his friend over consitutents.

    Sanford: It's 'hard' living alone in governor's mansion

  • Guess in life we need our "bestest" friends and "newest" ones as well.

    That's What I'm Talking 'Bout | The Stiletto Gang

  • We had delicious venison steak, smoking hot, and hoe-cakes and the "bestest" coffee, and honey.

    Letters of a Woman Homesteader

  • Its as if the last eight years of the Chimp and friends had never happened ... and the minds of these denizens of one of the 'bestest' and 'bwighttest' little 'pwo-gwessive' states in our fair Union had been wiped clean of all 'remembrances of things past'. Main RSS Feed

  • - B.S. What is with people trying to make their group, sexual, ethnic, religious, etc. into the "bestest," "specialest," and "whateverest" of humans?


  • Today 18: 50. .you are now my "bestest" super hero.


  • Why was it that the author found so much information in Florida, but the CIA, and the FBI seemed unable to piece the clues together to see and know that hints of an attack on the United States were being established right under the noses of our "bestest" intelligence gatherers?

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • People pay too much for placebo effects and get too boastful to claim superior performance when the difference between perfect lossless data transfer and one with errors before handshake fail is very narrow. .much much narrower than the price gap between the most touted, 'bestest', you-can't-afford-it cable and the say $10 piece.


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