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  • n. A supposed singular of biceps.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Back-formation from biceps. In Latin, biceps is both singular and plural.


  • The doctor says he is sure that one of the two tendons that attach to the bicep from the elbow popped loose at the elbow, and that he will have to have surgery on Friday.

    Sound Politics: King County GOP election results

  • To steady myself, I rest my hand on his bicep, which is as hard as stone.

    Mama Dearest

  • Sheridan had a procedure known as bicep tenodesis - and also had an operation to correct some previous shoulder surgery - which had not worked.

    BBC News - Home

  • A tattoo on his bicep is a reminder of the day Tommy stood on top of the world.

    Kansas City Star: Front Page

  • He is also shown flexing his beefy right bicep, which is as thick as the waist of any of us mere mortals.

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  • He stops cold, and reaches out to touch her bicep, which is smack at his eye-level.

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  • • Anonymous Poetard ran out of ideas after "bicep", so sue me

    Zunetard offered a job at Microsoft

  • In an out-of-body moment, you squeeze his bicep, which is rock hard. “

    On Location

  • A resistance band increases the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls**.

    SpawnPoint - Profiles Feed

  • It is all a far cry from the kind of bicep bulging tennis that helped him claim his sixth grand slam title in Australia at the start of the year and left a crestfallen Federer in tears.



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