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  • noun A duct or canal conveying bile; a gall-duct.


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  • Known as bile-duct cancer, it is relatively uncommon in most parts of the world but represents the majority of the 70 liver-cancer deaths a day in Thailand, according to Dr. Banchob Sripa, the head of the tropical-disease research laboratory at nearby Khon Kaen University.

    The Seattle Times

  • In early 2009, the elder Mr. Brussock had been diagnosed with bile-duct cancer.

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  • Dr. Starzl's finding, according to people with knowledge of it: Though recipients 'survival rate was only slightly lower than the national average, 60% of the recipients suffered life-threatening complications, ranging from bile-duct leaks to blood-supply problems -- nearly double the rate Dr. Marcos reported.

    Doing a Volume Business in Liver Transplants

  • When large biliary concretions form in S, the gallbladder, or in the hepatic duct, Nature, failing in her efforts to discharge them through the common bile-duct, into the duodenum, T, sets up inflammation and ulcerative absorption, by aid of which processes they make a passage for themselves through some adjacent part of the intestine, either the duodenum or the transverse colon.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • The hepatic artery, in its course along the right border of the lesser omentum, is in relation with the common bile-duct and portal vein, the duct lying to the right of the artery, and the vein behind.

    VI. The Arteries. 5a. 2. The Abdominal Aorta

  • The duct of the dorsal part (accessory pancreatic duct) therefore opens independently into the duodenum, while that of the ventral part (pancreatic duct) opens with the common bile-duct.

    XI. Splanchnology. 2j. The Pancreas

  • The ventral part appears in the form of a diverticulum from the primitive bile-duct and forms the remainder of the head and uncinate process of the pancreas.

    XI. Splanchnology. 2j. The Pancreas

  • The intestine also goes right through the liver, doubling backwards and forwards several times: and thus the digestive tube supplies itself with bile from the cask (to borrow a commercial expression); and this saves the expense of a bile-duct (choledochian canal), which would be an unnecessary mode of conveyance in this case.

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  • Mandich was diagnosed with bile-duct cancer in early 2010 but didn't miss a game last year, even though he was on a feeding tube at the end of the season.

    The Seattle Times

  • "For various reasons, and none of them really sort of satisfactory, nothing has happened - this is over 2½ years later," said John O'Connor, the family doctor who drew widespread attention five years ago for alleging Fort Chipewyan had a high rate of a rare bile-duct cancer.

    CBC | Top Stories News


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