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  • adj. Happening every two months.
  • adj. Happening twice a month; semimonthly.
  • adv. Once every two months.
  • adv. Twice a month; semimonthly.
  • n. A bimonthly publication. See Usage Note at bi-1.

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  • adj. Occurring once every two months; bimestrial
  • adj. Twice every month; semimonthly.
  • adv. once every two months; bimestrially
  • adv. Twice every month; semimonthly.
  • n. Something (especially something published) that occurs or is done on a bimonthly basis.

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  • adj. Occurring, done, or coming, once in two months.
  • adv. Once in two months.

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  • Occurring every two months.

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  • adj. occurring twice a month
  • adv. every two months
  • adj. occurring every two months
  • adv. twice a month
  • n. a periodical that is published twice a month or every two months (either 24 or 6 issues per year)


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bi- + month + -ly


  • The note asked — or no, instructed — him to meet the water truck that came bimonthly from the nearest town, Indio Muerto, which lay some 35 miles across the motionless plain.

    The Silence

  • "Girls Hunt Too!!!" and "We've Got Braggin 'Rights," the bimonthly is similar to "the grown-up magazines, but minus the grown-up language," says Kiihnl.

    Teens Launch HunTeen Magazine for Young Hunters and Anglers

  • The study participants were split up into two groups -- one group was given materials for patient education on taking the medications and were called bimonthly to check on medication adherence, while the other group was given the same materials in addition to information on the benefits of positive affirmations with regard to medication adherence.

    The Full Feed from

  • Also, we remain concerned about the listing of capital costs for expenditures such as bimonthly roof replacements, a seemingly excessive amount of firefighting equipment, and a stealth missile system.

    So I woke up this morning and started thinking...

  • If so, I'd like to start with "bimonthly" (or biweekly, or biannually).

    The Full Feed from

  • Dredge has become our community organizer, holds tournaments on a bimonthly basis.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • ARL publishes first e-only bimonthly report, Resea ...

    The Library Show 2009

  • Inc. processes your credit card and then orders the parts needed to build your computer; wine clubs collect your $200 annual membership fee before the first of your bimonthly bottles is shipped.

    Time to Reset Your Business?

  • Girls from the New Moon Girls 8 - to 14-year-old cohort (full disclosure: I'm pleased to edit New Moon Girl magazine's bimonthly collections of girl wisdom) consistently illustrate the sea change from the days when women of my boomer generation shivered in skirts in blustery playgrounds.

    Helen Cordes: Calling All Females: Wear the Pants on June 11

  • • Marc Abrahams is editor of the bimonthly Annals of Improbable Research and organiser of the Ig Nobel prize

    What to serve at a Roman orgy


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  • Twice a month v. every two months.

    December 3, 2007