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  • n. A chemist whose speciality is biochemistry

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  • n. someone with special training in biochemistry


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Back-formation from biochemistry.


  • You assume on completely inadequate evidence that a tenured Lehigh biochemist is an ignorant throwback to the Dark Ages, not considering how utterly unlikely that is, or how uncharitable your position on him is.

    Bradley Monton's Paper criticizing Dover Decision

  • Toward the Green researches the profile of Dr. Cai and confirms that Dr. Cai has published several scientific papers. the facts seem pretty clear: Dr. Cai does exist, and has a well-documented history as a biochemist from the years 1989 to 2009.

    Global Voices in English » Singapore: Taxi driver-blogger is a PhD graduate

  • Lipmann, the great biochemist from the Rockefeller

    Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography

  • Stanley Prusiner, biochemist from the United States, won the 1997 Nobel Medicine Prize.


  • Banting and Best's discovery in 1921-1922 revolutionised the course of diabetes, but it was a biochemist from the University of Alberta, James Bertram Collip, who contributed very greatly to that with his use of alcohol to extract insulin from the pancreas and allow the blood sugar to fall for the very first time in a 14year-old boy.

    Islet Transplant - Towards a Cure for Diabetes

  • From my first day in [biochemist Max Perutz’s lab at Cambridge University] I knew I would not leave Cambridge for a long time.


  • When it comes to what science is, I might know as a biochemist and someone who teaches and writes on research method.

    Leaders TV Debate – Law & Order Summary SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Commentators say it all started when the president began fraternising with so-called US dissident scientists, namely biochemist David Rasnick.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Culturing anthrax and working safely with dried anthrax spores requires specific training and expertise in technical fields such as biochemist or microbiology.

    FBI Frame-up of Bruce E. Ivins Made Simple

  • Many are convinced the fight should be left to tenured professors, such as biochemist Michael Behe of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the author of the anti-evolution tome Darwin's Black Box, and to professionals at the Discovery Institute.

    Evolution News & Views


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