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  • n. A chemical agent, such as a pesticide, that is capable of destroying living organisms.

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  • n. Any substance that can destroy living organisms


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bio- +‎ -cide


  • Filtration and a biocide are the answers to biological clogging of micro irrigation systems.

    Food and Farm News

  • Food hygiene is also becoming an important sector in terms of silver demand because silver acts as a 'biocide', a type of bacteria killer.

    MoneyWeek RSS - All

  • I was working with them as an alternative to biocide in cooling towers.

    Ultrasound Makes Catfish Taste Better

  • Nanosilver is a powerful biocide that can kill beneficial bacteria in the environment, especially in soil and water, creating an unacceptable toxicity risk to human health and the environment.

    Ronnie Cummins: Top 10 Reasons to Use Organic Cosmetics

  • Metam sodium is a biocide, causes multiple birth defects, farmworker injuries, and is very toxic to birds and fish.

    We Need Food and Farming Regulation NOW!

  • Ecocide, or perhaps biocide, or perhaps omnicide, would be an act exterminating not just all humans, but the entire circle of life on planet earth itself.

    Tad Daley: Apollo or Extinction

  • RANDY DEARTH, CEO, LANXESS CORPORATION: We're bringing our biocide technology and trying to simulate what a metalworking fluid bed would be like.

    CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2009

  • The chlorine used to bleach the paper fibers is bad enough, but the manufacturing process is also known to release dioxin, a probable carcinogen, as well as tributylin (TBT), a biocide used in paper mills that is highly toxic to wildlife.

    Sloan Barnett: Pooping the Progressive Way

  • Fear is the biocide helping turn a nation conceived in liberty, to one decommissioned by terrorism.

    Terrorism, and The New World Order

  • So how did the United States become so dosed with systemic biocide that those words, along with the "Pledge of Allegiance", are simply very, very bad jokes?

    Terrorism, and The New World Order


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  • A cleanser, soap, or antiseptic.

    June 28, 2008