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  • adj. Of or pertaining to biomechanics.


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  • Wraith starships are biomechanical, that is they are made from organic, semi-alive materials rather than built out of metal, rubber and other more familiar materials.

    Stargate Atlantis Gets Biomechanical

  • A new technique called biomechanical stimulation is getting more and more attention for its effect of giving muscles more energy.

    You Being Beautiful

  • And when it comes to fast-acting indicators, it turns out that signals induced by physical forces acting in and around cells, appropriately dubbed biomechanical signals, are the champions of the cellular world.

    News from The Scientist

  • Years before, Giger had a vivid nightmare where a lavatory and surrounding plumbing came to queasy, pulsating life – and so his "biomechanical" style was born.

    Alien: No 4

  • And I appreciate his whimsical spin on Giger's "biomechanical" sensibility.

    Posthuman Blues

  • Granted, we have reams of remote sensing data from that first investigation, including the information from the detailed dissection of the spider biot done by Dr. Laura Ernst. But the cosmonauts brought home only one artifact, a tiny piece of some kind of biomechanical flower whose physical characteristics had already irreversibly changed before any of its mysteries could be understood, We have nothing else in the way of souvenirs from that first excursion.

    Rama Revisited

  • In other words, one mis-timed move had set off a biomechanical chain reaction of tiny errors that sent the throw awry.

    Tutoring Trend Reaches the Mound

  • In biomechanical terms, fear is a collection of hormonal responses released by the brain.

    Make Yourself Unforgettable

  • Scott Siverling, 34, has taken what he calls the "biomechanical perspective" to his first run-up.

    The Lactic Acid Skyscraper Test

  • Terry's an art student, and above we see one of his pieces - a biomechanical figure.

    Everybody say hi to Terry Rosen!


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