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  • n. A stand having two legs, as for the support of an instrument or a weapon.

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  • n. A two-legged stand.


From bi- + -pod. (Wiktionary)


  • DITTEMORE: It is true that right after launch -- and I don't remember the time frame as far as the seconds -- there was a piece of foam that is used as insulation on the external tank in the area of what we call the bipod, which is the forward attach between the orbiter and the external tank.

    CNN Transcript Feb 1, 2003

  • My bipod is a rubber legged polecat, and is terrible in the sun.

    Field & Stream

  • Even perhaps more troubling, the area where the orbiter attaches to the tank, the so-called bipod, that's exactly where the foam came off that struck Columbia.

    CNN Transcript Jul 28, 2005

  • This is Columbia about a minute after launch and that two pound piece of foam which came off of a strut area called the bipod area of the tank comes off, strikes the leading edge of the wing and that's what created that lethal blow to the leading edge of the wing.

    CNN Transcript Jun 29, 2005

  • She shoots prone over the bipod and I brace the butt because the stock is too long.

    The Best Reader Photos of July 2009

  • Cut handle in half, paint camo colors, drill hole 7 inches from top (thru both halves), bolt together = instant, cheap, effective bipod .

    Looking to get a monopod for turkey season, something like the lazy leg. Most of the reviews out there don't rate it very high.

  • I live in saskatchewan where long shots at deer are common and having a bipod makes 400yrd+ shots a cinch if u choose to risk it.

    Lightweight vs Heavy Hunting Rifles

  • In deep thick woods a light rifle is great, in the canyons or praries where shots are longer a good rifle with a bipod is invaluable in my opinion

    Lightweight vs Heavy Hunting Rifles

  • What happened is, using the bipod she had to use her upper body to change the point of aim to the left causing her to shoot right this is one of the major causes of misses!

    No B.S.

  • First of all, need to toss that piece of crap bipod in the trash!

    No B.S.


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