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  • n. A stream of bits.


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bit stream


  • While the physical connections remain the same, the new PS3 'slim' has the option of outputting Linear PCM through HDMI or outputting the HD audio bitstream, which is (again debatable) a supposed advantage by having the audio stream output directly to an HDMI receiver.

    Home Theater Forum

  • ".264" is commonly used to denote raw H. 264 video bitstream, which is what the alpha encoder outputs.

    DivX Labs -

  • Cellular networks can't push that kind of bitstream without major issues.

    Trouble on the Portland wi-fi front (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Access to active elements such as "bitstream" shall be maintained provided lower level remedies do not sufficiently address distortions of competition.

    Archive 2008-09-17

  • 'linear' 2.0 to 'bitstream' - Problem solved - I now get 5.1 on all forms of media.

    Kombor's Life Hacks and Reviews

  • I set audio output within LG DVD - to "bitstream" (not sure now, but dont think it worked on PCM setting)

    Home Theater Forum

  • What Kroes is suggesting is a layered approach where regulatory authorities should at least insist on access to the ducts of incumbents, so rivals can lay their own fibre, and where that is not possible have access to unlit fibre already laid but not used, so they can light it themselves - and where that is not possible access to the "bitstream" itself.

    The Register

  • If you examine the contents of your computer's hard drive – or your iPod's flash memory – all you will see are bits and there's no immediate way of knowing whether a particular bitstream is a portion of an email message, a photograph, a song or a video.

    Traditional TV has survived the net threat, but for how much longer? | John naughton

  • All 3D-enabled TVs have to be able to detect a “flag” in the video bitstream that identifies it as 3D content.

    Buzzword: What makes a TV "3D-ready"?

  • And if everything becomes a digital bitstream, then every device becomes a computer.

    The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : An anxious world awaits


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