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  • n. Alternative capitalization of BitTorrent


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  • I think bittorrent is a great way to download larger files ... especially if you're on a less than reliable internet connection.

    ClearBits Is A More Usable And Fun LegalTorrents | Lifehacker Australia

  • First of all you have no idea what bittorrent is — there is no filesharing involved.

    BitTorrent and the cartels

  • The next generation of anonymous darknet bittorrent is evolving …

    Kazaa decision due Monday

  • "The next bastard using bittorrent is gonna get these claws where the sun don't shine".

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • I should point out that I am not encouraging piracy, just describing how it works. bittorrent is a well-design application and the swarming concept is a work of genius, and is being used as we speak in non-infringing applications (Blizzard Entertainment uses a proprietary implementation to distribute patches for their new game, World of Warcraft, and while that implementation has some issues it will save users a lot of downtime and Blizzard a lot of greenbacks after the kinks are worked out).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Inside the World of Software Piracy:

  • i still maintain my opinion of uneducated use of bittorrent is very dangerous, and unsafe.

    Death of the 8-track tape

  • I get all the benefits of DRM-free PVRs, and since most of the stuff in bittorrent sites comes in high definition, it’s in higher resolution than what the cable monopolies are providing anyhow.

    MythTV Users, Help Needed ASAP

  • Will wonders never cease?), so bittorrent is probably not an option.

    Eureka: First Impressions

  • Don’t get me wrong, i think bittorrent is great, and bram cohen will surely go down in history.

    BitTorrent and the cartels

  • In monetizing this channel by creating an artificial scarcity ESPN has increased the value of material available on bittorrent, which is rapidly becoming the defacto authoritative source for many different types of media.

    Journerdism | Will Sullivan's Stompin' ground for journalists and nerds.


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