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  • This act of uncharitable stupidity can only be one thing: a way to keep meddlesome lefties and Patagonia-wearin 'bleedin'-hearts from observing what really happens during an emergency and telling anyone about it.

    wake me up when zeptember ends

  • She warn't more'n three year old, I jedged, an 'she suttinly come from ther city, fer her leetle dress warn't like none I'd ever seen -- hit hed sorter loose panterloons ter hit, an', although her legs war bare -- an 'all scratched an' bleedin '-- thar war tiny socks an' shoes on 'em.

    'Smiles' A Rose of the Cumberlands

  • "Look at you now -- my God, look at you there, all peaked an 'scairt an' bleedin '-- plum tuckered out,' n 'all ragged' n 'dirty ----"

    The Flaming Jewel

  • "When Mr. Jevons lays himself out to express himself, sir," he said to me as we retreated, "he pulls it off what you may call a bleedin 'masterpiece."

    The Belfry

  • We can call up thunderclouds, earthquakes, all the aspects o" bleedin" nature.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • Ain't no one there but a pack o 'bleedin' savages and some old 'ermit named Pooka livin' in a hut.

    Once An Angel

  • I don't mind stickin 'aboard th' bleedin 'hooker if there was a chanst to get th' salvage; but no fear o 'that while Andrews is here.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • Walked on th 'bleedin' hoof, too, from Macassar to here, an 'cadged at th'

    Gold Out of Celebes

  • I heard my flanges zippin 'along the ties, an' the next I knew I was playin '' Sally, Sally Waters 'in the corn, my tender shuckin' coal through my cab, an 'old man Evans lyin' still an 'bleedin' in front o 'me.

    The Day's Work - Volume 1

  • This Silver Phil is nothin 'but shattered bones an' bleedin 'pulp.

    Wolfville Nights


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