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From [God] blind me!, corrupted to disguise the blasphemous nature of the oath. Compare 'sblood, strewth, zounds, etc.



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  • comes from the oath "may god blind me"

    December 11, 2006

  • "God blimey if she aint a clinker, that there bleeding tart."

    Joyce, Ulysses, 12

    January 13, 2007

  • It's so extreme, I love it. Way to go overboard there, 17th-century cursers!

    July 19, 2007

  • I'm going to invent a new one. Gimpork! God impale me with a fork! Just keeping the tradition alive.

    July 19, 2007

  • That's bloody brilliant! ;-)

    July 19, 2007

  • Is that akin to "stick a fork in me, I'm done"?

    July 19, 2007

  • More like, "if I'm lying, may God drive a small pointed object through the entirety of my body, piercing all my vital organs and killing me in a most painful and torturous manner." It's not something you say lightly. ;-)

    July 19, 2007

  • Certainly a lot more painful than znoogie (God's noogie)!

    July 19, 2007

  • Ow.

    July 19, 2007

  • Steven Pinker coberates oroboros's < a href="">entymology

    October 11, 2007