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  • adj. Resembling a blob


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blob +‎ -like


  • They are supposed to extract it in a single, bloblike piece.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • They were two weeks in and the bubble was already growing, bloblike.


  • The game had everything: cute, Pixar-like graphics, charming lead characters and a kooky game mechanic — you control a bloblike sidekick that devours enemies, getting gradually bigger (and weirder) with each chew.

    In Praise of the 3-Hour Game

  • There the artist began painting pictures of the countryside, of all things: plain air scenes of effulgent foliage and bloblike trees under bluebird skies, reportedly at a rate of two to three canvases a day.

    The Unconfounding Delight of David Hockney

  • Look at how "the Motherland's drunken, bloblike train wreck of a revolutionary leader," as Matt Taibbi called him on the occasion of his death, handled the Chechnyan civil war.

    Boris Bush

  • A car door slammed and Margarite squinted through the glare of the headlights at a bloblike shape.

    Second Skin

  • Lumbering on the huge pads, the bloblike creature continued resolutely forward.

    Emperor of Ansalon

  • Whatever it was, it was not like any creature Alaire had ever seen before; shapeless and bloblike.

    Prison Of Souls

  • Despite its undulating, bloblike appearance, the balloon shot into the clouds like a ballistic missile as soon as the ropes were released.


  • Bath, 2009, for example-the first animation encountered upon entering the exhibition-features a woman drying herself with a towel à la Degas or Cézanne, but as she moves, her bloblike shadow becomes as entrancing as her nude body.


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  • Large tears slid down her cheeks and dropped, bloblike, onto her blouse.

    - P.K. Dick, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.

    March 26, 2012